About Us


About Us


By Empowering New African/Caribbean Immigrants In The Agricultural Sector With Food Security And Sustainable Production

Praxis Farms Inc. is a  ethnocultural farming and Agribusiness company in Ontario Canada.

We aim at producing high quality foods and support farming activities. We are African descent with vast farming experience. We are prepared to teach, train and support immigrant farmers to pursue and actualize their farming potential in Canada by introducing effective farm tehnologies to them. Planting and harvesting would be achieved sustainably 365 days with materials such as green house and wholesale container, while using aquaponics and hydroponic system.

Our team

Seun Aribilola - Project Manager

Seun Aribilola


Daniel Choquetteant

Farm Consult

Olanifesi Aribilola

Business services and events

Patience Amonye


Sunday Otunla

Farm Manager

Faith Bankole

Marketing Executive

Odunayo Esther Aribilola


Resources Required to Grow

Our primary objective is to initiate a ‘Proof of Concept’ phase, which will enable us to establish a controlled environment for acquiring valuable insights that will inform our ultimate business and marketing strategies. The resources identified as imperative for the ‘Proof of Concept’ are as follows:

Seeds to plant

Environment to farm

All year round facility


Hydroponics and Aquaponics material for farming

Light and water system

Soil and root